Veda Innovate

Veda Innovate is a technology company that makes strategic alliances and joint ventures with tech companies bringing them to MENA. Some include:

Capillary has developed products that help brands get a 360° single view of customer and inventory across all channels, so they could stitch together previously siloed customer journeys with data, and build unified, cross channel strategies that deliver a consistent, omnichannel experience. They continue to innovate and find ways to help brands stay consumer ready and deliver newer, better experiences into the future.

Anywhere Commerce+ Insights+ Engage+ Loyalty+

We are the go to online fashion website that provides unprecedented access to the hottest and handpicked looks of the current season; we find looks that are inspired by celebrities, European catwalks and high-end luxury labels and put it all in one place for an easy shopping experience.

Medi8 is an commerce aggregator. It is a single stop Medi8r for trading on multiple marketplace platforms. Medi8’s main focus is the clients e-commerce sale growth through strategic pricing & promotion plans.

Via Media

Via Media is an advertising company that is dedicated to helping beauty brands build brand awareness through idea or product promotion in targeted areas. It provides promotional area rentals and digital advertising screens.

Ay Makan

Provides leading technology and forward thinking logistic solutions. They aim to first understand each customer’s supply chain and provide customized, best-in-class global logistics services to meet those needs with 100% satisfaction.